What is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale is a one- time sale of personal property within a home.

It can be held after the passing of a beloved family member, post-divorce, or before a relocation. Estate Sales deal with the rapid liquidation of an entire household — from the finest of antiques to the basic necessities — to maximize profits for you and your family. Because of our sales expertise, we manage to sell 80-90% of the entire contents of your home at the fair market value.

How it Works

Although much of the below is covered in the contract, here is an overview of the estate sale process.


In person, Amanda will discuss your needs. She visits with you at your house whenever it is convenient for you. In the walk-through, you will tell Amanda what is going to be sold and what you’re going to retain. Don’t clean up first because you may end up tossing things Millennials want! Amanda requests you let her come through FIRST.

On your first visit with Amanda, she will informally assess your unique situation to determine how she can customize an estate sale for your needs.

Contract Signing

Once you and Amanda have agreed to work together, a contract is signed. Then, you work together to set an appropriate date for the sale.

Pricing & Merchandising

After the contract signing, Amanda Hight merchandises, prices, and stages the location. Once everything is ship-shape, she takes photographs to advertise the sale. If necessary, she can provide display tables, additional lighting and lockable cases for valuables, while keeping your home safe and organized during the sale.

Time and again shoppers have reported that what differentiates an Amanda Hight sale from her competitors is this: Amanda goes the extra mile to create a space which is easy to move through, with items placed into vignettes and pleasing arrangements.

Promotion & Marketing

Amanda prepares the copy for newspaper advertisements and pays for those ads in the appropriate markets. She arranges for the sale to be promoted on the popular site via her paid Gold Membership account. She often will create a Facebook photograph album to share with buyers through social media. She also spends a good deal of time responding to curious shoppers interested to know more details about your items for sale.

Please note: The sale address is kept private until 24-hours before the sale begins.

Estate Sale Days

Amanda and her team arrive early to distribute directional signs in your neighborhood promoting the sale and the location. She arranges big ticket items such as cars, ATVs, etc, outside the home. A typical sale runs from Wednesday into the weekend.


After sale completion, Amanda and her team clean up, leaving you with a tidied house. She then meets with you within five days to settle up the finances.