Native Texan Credits Family for Success

Longtime East Texas resident Amanda Hight’s sterling reputation in estate sales and appraisals comes from twenty years of respectful service. As the longest established estate sale business in the area, Amanda estimates she has managed close to one thousand sales during her career.

When you work with Amanda Hight, you draw upon her experience with a wide-range of collectibles, including fine and costume jewelry, sports memorabilia, vehicles, art, firearms, antiques, coin and stamp collections, and so much more.  She notes the importance of sensitivity in the estate sales business intertwined with her commitment to helping clients during stressful times.

“Many times an estate sale is an emotional time for people. I mean, they are selling items collected over a lifetime. These things mean something to them, even though they don’t have the space to keep them anymore. I try to give them enough time to do really be comfortable in their decision,” she shares. “I think one of the best things I can do for them is to offer my turnkey service. We come in, appraise, arrange and merchandise the items, promote the sale and manage it. Then, when it is all said and done, we clean up!  They can rest easy knowing it is all taken care of and that I worked to get the most value out of their possessions.”

Texas Native

Raised in Texas, Amanda Glasscock Hight graduated high school in Paris, Texas, and attended North Texas State University in Denton.
Amanda spent many summers in Denison, Texas, water-skiing on Lake Texoma with her beloved grandparents, Buck and Jean Glasscock. She started working at a young age and began her retail career at Neiman-Marcus at its flagship NorthPark store in Dallas, in the couture department. She fondly remembers attending to one customer who requested she escort her throughout the store to hunt down each and every oil well-inspired product – from candy to silver to linens!

Longtime Longview Businesswoman

Amanda’s first business was Hight Renovation & Construction in Longview in the late 1980s. Later, she owned the beloved Longview Lamp & Shade, located on West Methvin Street. She credits her family for helping her to be successful. Her entrepreneurial grandfather Buck was an inspiration and a mentor as she made her way as a small-business owner.

Amanda also served customers with interior design services, and easily made the leap to estate sales starting in 1990. As her reputation for trustworthy and profitable estate sales and appraisals grew, she dedicated herself full-time to the business.

melodye2“The person who is directly responsible for my being an estate sale liquidator is my mother, Melodye Faulk. She dragged me to garage sales every weekend,” Amanda says with a laugh. “She furnished our entire house with high-quality items bought at garage & estate sales.

“People always want to know how I know what I know. Well, I learned the basics from my mother on those weekend visits to garage sales. She has excellent taste and is an artist herself.

“My mom taught me at a really young age to look at things and see how they could be used differently, or reused/recycled instead of just taking things for granted, Amanda relates.

“She would show me some ragged piece of furniture and she’d turn it over and say…’the frame of this is just perfect. I can tear the fabric off and redo it.’ ”

In what little free-time she has, Amanda enjoys researching the real estate market in Longview, managing home improvement projects, and thinking about beach vacations.